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What stings a small business as much as the Coronavirus? A tax bill you didn’t have to pay if you had been informed.

Find out what you need to do before the end of June!

In this seminar we will cover:

  • Explain the features of the current tax regime for all business structures (companies, trust, partnership sole traders and SMSFS)
  • Explain the COVID19 stimulus package for the accelerated depreciation. Find out when it does make tax and commercial sense to buy a new ute and other equipment before the end of June.
  • Explain what is legal tax minimisation versus illegal tax avoidance or even evasion.
  • Learn what is commercially sensible tax minimisation versus spending a dollar to save only 30 cents.
  • We will run through a checklist of potential legal tax minimisation opportunities so you can evaluate which ones make sense for your business.
  • We will also look at when it make sense to change structure especially from a start up sole trader for tax and other issues such as commercial and litigation risk.
  • We will also debunk most of the common “My mate Dave at the pub told me.’’ tax myths.

Even in non-COVID19 times we restrict these audiences so it is easy to ask your questions and for the audience to discuss topics of interest.

By the end you should come away with a good practical knowledge of the current tax regime for small businesses and know the difference between smart tax planning and minimisation versus commercially foolish and dangerous tax avoidance 


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