The South West of Western Australia provides an excellent base to operate a business. There is easy access to transport infrastructure with State and Local Governments providing excellent assistance to businesses to develop their export markets.  The south west region is looking forward to the upgrade of the existing Airport facilities to the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport which once completed, will be capable of facilitating direct interstate and international flights to destinations including Melbourne, Sydney Denpasar and Singapore and providing new opportunities for businesses to export products and services.

When business owners choose to export, they are opening up opportunities for new revenue sources and giving themselves the chance to expand their customer base and increase sales.

Exporting is often a positive turning point for businesses and can lead to long-term growth and innovation.

When it comes to making new export sales, businesses often have several questions, among which are the most common:

  • Is my product in demand?
  • How do I find foreign buyers?
  • How would I get paid?
  • What is required to ship goods?


But where to start and what are the benefits of exporting?

  • increased profit and return on investment with access to new sources of revenue
  • Reduce risk through an expanded customer network, accessing a larger market size, providing greater sales opportunities, reducing seasonal fluctuations and creating geographical diversity
  • growth and long-term expansion leading to a strengthened competitive edge
  • Inspire and help businesses to recruit better staff
  • Be a catalyst for innovation


At a national level the Australia Business Solutions Group (ABCS Master Class Program, 2015) found:

  • 66% of exporting businesses are small businesses
  • 41% are operating in at least one high-growth export market
  • Australians working in export industries are paid 60% more on average than those who are not
  • 68% of the world’s customers live outside Australia
  • Australia’s current export market is worth A$327 billion
  • Exports of goods and services from Australia were last measured at 19.8% of GDP in 2016


It is clear that exporting can provide opportunity and benefits to the South West region.



  1. South West Development Commission (SWDC)

SWDC partners with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), and are home to a TradeStart office and able to offer export assistance.

  1. Austrade

Austrade helps Australian businesses develop international markets and promotes international education through a range of services.

  1. Department Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI)

To facilitate international trade, the Western Australian Government operates trade and investment offices around the world including in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

These overseas offices, together with the department’s International Trade and Investment division, are a first point of contact for international investors and specialise in linking like-minded investors with real opportunities in Western Australia.

  1. Regional Development Australia South West (RDASW)

RDA-SW works in partnership with the South West Development Commission among others including the region’s Local Government bodies, Jiaxing Business Office, timber cluster, Creative Corner and boosting the tourism sector.

RDA’s role is to connect regional businesses, councils and industry sectors with international trade partners, financial markets and potential investors with around two-thirds of Australia’s export earnings coming from regional industries such as agriculture, tourism, retail, services and manufacturing.

  1. Southern Forests Food Council (SFFC)

The objective of this component of the Agricultural Expansion Project is to ​​establish a food council to collectively brand and promote agricultural products from the Manjimup (Southern Forests) region and develop new pathways to markets.

The food council component includes:

  • Operational support over five years to employ an executive officer and administrative assistant;
  • Undertaking brand development, pricing, marketing and promotion;
  • Contracting consultants;
  • Supply chain development; and
  • Participating in local, national and international trade shows.

  1. International Trade and Investment Centre (ITIC)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI) established ITIC to help WA businesses grow import and export opportunities, better understand capital-sourcing options and become investment-ready.

ITIC can provide you with access to international and local networks, tools and compliance sources in more than 90 countries to help grow your business opportunities.

Whether you are an established or hopeful importer or exporter or seeking new funding to take your product or service to the world, ITIC advisors can tailor international trade and investment solutions to your business.

  1. Australia Made Campaign

A not-for-profit public company established to license companies to use the logo and promote Australian products both in Australia and overseas.

  1. Australian Tradelinks

Developed by the Australian Chambers in all Australian States and Territories, Australian TradeLinks helps members grow their business through international import and export trade opportunities.

  1. Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Information for businesses, agents and trade professionals.


Australian Government resource providing simple access to information and services for business.

  1. Efic – Finance for Australian Exporters Australian Government resource

Efic is a specialist financier that delivers solutions for Australian companies when their bank is not able to help. They help small businesses grow internationally and achieve export success.

  1. IP Australia

Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property (IP) rights and legislation relating to patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights.

  1. International Trade Centre (ITC)

Joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations dedicated to supporting the internationalisation of SMEs. Its joint mandate combines a focus on expanding trade opportunities with the aim of fostering sustainable development.

  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australia’s national statistical agency, the ABS provides official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters of importance to Australia.

  1. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

APEC is committed to making it easier and more efficient to do business in the Asia-Pacific region and provides easy-to-use business information and tools.


Comprehensive travel advisory service provided by the Australian Government

Marilyn Rulyancich, Business Development Advisor, Business South West