Business South West is inviting local organisations to contribute to a map and database of South West services supporting innovation. This request is relevant to anyone who provides a service supporting entrepreneurs at any stage, or organisations implementing significant new products or services. This includes: investors, consultants, network facilitator, event hosts, and coworking space managers.

If that sounds like you, please complete the forms below. The first is to add your contact details as a Provider. The second subsequent form (linked from and to the first) gives you the opportunity to list any and all of your services.

The resulting database is intended to be useful to both yourselves for referrals, and to ventures. Once reviewed and finalised it will be easily findable (online) searchable, and updateable. We will also produce analyses and visualisation (maps) of the data.

Based on our testing it will take about 5 minutes to complete Provider details and 2-3 minutes for each service.

Note: this is not a “public” survey or for ventures or entrepreneurs, only for Providers of support to them.

Step 1 – Providers create a record for your organisation. Click here to complete

Step 1 allows your organisation to be referenced in the form in Step 2

Step 2 – Complete this form anew for every service you provide, linking it to your organisation when prompted. Click here to complete

Step 2 allows your service to be linked to your organisation, and for your service to be selected in subsequent surveys.

After 16th March when all provider and services details are completed, a further public survey will open. This additional survey will allow you and your support service users to rate and give feedback on services, overall support for innovation in the region, and indicate what additional support would be beneficial.

At a workshop on Thursday 5th April we will provide the results for discussion from both surveys, including visualisation of the results.