The guest speaker at our October 2018 Breakfast with Business South West was Helen Povey. Helen shared her life story from being born to a 16 year old single mum in Victoria , to having a challenging upbringing, to becoming a hairdressing apprentice, to moving to Western Australia and starting her own small hair and beauty businesses in the outback, to working in the hospitality, community services, education and health sectors, to gaining a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and to suffering a Cerebral Aneurysm in 2003 that not only almost killed her and robbed her of her short term memory but took some 7 years to fully recover. Today, Helen is a Real Estate sales consultant in Bunbury.

In her presentation Helen described how her life journey helped her to become resilient and to understand the value of being able to reinvent yourself when faced with challenging circumstances. A valuable insight gained from her life lessons was the importance of staying focused on your clients’ needs and building strong customer relationships based on meeting those needs by solving their problems and providing quality customer service based on focusing how you make people feel. Helen helped us see how by being courageous, true to yourself and maintaining a solution focused attitude towards your customers and their needs, you can not only add value to your customers but also to your business and yourself.

Our October breakfast was proudly sponsored by Mish Pope. Mish is a Registered Nurse, educator, small business owner, certified Life Coach, public speaker and podcaster who strives to start courageous conversations and empower people to live the best lives they can. Her key themes are around courage, vulnerability and self-compassion. Mish shared with us her experiences in starting her own business, journeying through motherhood and finding balance after burnout. She outlined 9 tips for aligning and kick-starting our life and business:

  1. Celebrate and focus on your strengths – focus on what you love and what people say you do well.
  2. Forgive, grow and let it go – let go of your “energy vampires”.
  3. Be mindful of your time investment – outsource and better structure your time.
  4. Find others needing help and serve them – find others to help and encompass this in your business messaging.
  5. Learn to weather the ebbs and flows of business – create space in your life for emotional release.
  6. Prioritise personal and professional development – connect professionally with others in your local area to expand your exposure.
  7. Focus your mind and thoughts on and in gratitude – focus on what are you grateful for and cultivate this in your business.
  8. Show an ocean of self-compassion – be as kind and understanding to as you are to others facing tough times.
  9. Take full responsibility for where you are and stop blaming others.

Our November breakfast will be held in Busselton on Monday, November 12th featuring guest speaker Dr Justin Harrison from The Nudge Group. Find out more here!

Robyn Morris, Chairperson, Business South West